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Ipswich Contract Cleaning services from BCS Services Ltd/Building Cleaning Services Ltd.

Value for Money

Do you feel you are getting value for money from your Contract Cleaning arrangements in Ipswich?

At BCS Services Ltd/Building Cleaning Services Ltd, we can offer Ipswich companies a daily contract cleaning service which typically includes dusting of desks, vacuuming of carpets, toilet facilities and hard floor maintenance.

In offices and factories in the Ipswich area, we can undertake floor cleaning, waste bin emptying, and scheduled cleaning of toilet and canteen facilities between work shifts.

A full factory cleaning service is another service “BCS” can provide to Ipswich clients and also “clean room” cleaning.

Additional Cleaning Services

“BCS” can provide a periodic deep cleaning service to your kitchen and catering facilities not normally included in your daily cleaning programme and this would normally be undertaken at weekends.

“BCS” are able to meet all your requirements regarding washroom facilities including the provision of sanitary units and vending machines, air freshener units, hand cleaning dispensers for infection control and all janitorial and paper products.

Contact us

If you would like your business in Ipswich cleaned by BCS Services, please see our Enquiry form or please call our Managing Director on 07860 568856.

Where We Operate

We operate in London, Essex, Kent and Suffolk, please see our Map page.


Call Us On: 01376 518080

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